Fire Safety Assessments

The Regulations & Responsibilities

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into force 1st October 2006, place a duty onto employers including landlords and tenants to ensure that the premises in which their staff or tenants occupy are safe and provide a reasonable standard of fire safety.

The order has introduced radical and wide-ranging reforms to fire safety legislation in England and Wales. The legislative regime applies to most non-domestic properties and requires “A Responsible Person” – defined in the case of a workplace as the Employer/Landlord to the extent that the relevant part of the workplace is under their control and who must carry out a “Fire Risk Assessment” to ensure that the more detailed fire safety requirements of the RRO are being met.

The regulations are intended to cover a wide range of areas to which fire safety would apply and deal with both the fixed features, such as the integrity of a staircase and fire doors within the same etc, but also how the buildings are managed to ensure that escape routes are clear and free from obstructions and that appropriate hand held fire fighting equipment is available etc.

In a building which is multi tenanted the duty for fire safety of the common parts transfers onto the landlord to ensure that these areas are properly maintained and offer a satisfactory level of protection and warning in the event of fire.

The tenanted areas becomes the responsibility of those individual tenants to ensure that fire safety within their demises complies with the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Amendment Regulations 1999 and they will need to undertake their own fire risk assessment.

Shore Engineering can provide services to undertake an audit of workplaces to provide advice on fire safety requirements and can then proceed to prepare the core documentation needed by an employer to demonstrate that they have assessed their workplace.

We normally find that once the preparation of the core documentation is complete employers can then reassess/audit their premises on an annual basis or when alterations to the premises have occurred. We are however available to provide ongoing advice to clients on a yearly basis as necessary.

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