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We at Shore Engineering are uniquely positioned to serve Suffolk.

Planning applications and alteration works are steadily increasing throughout the county, as such party wall services are a necessity for any extensions, loft conversion or internal works which may affect neighbouring properties.

Shore Engineering has a strong presence throughout the county across all our services. If you require advice on any matters relating to the Party Wall Act please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Our Party Wall Services

  • Free and impartial advise on any matter that is Party Wall related,
  • Competitive and tailor made fee quotes for any job,
  • Preparation and serving of Party Wall notices and follow up procedures where applicable,
  • Acting as Building Owner surveyor,
  • Acting as Adjoining Owner surveyor,
  • Acting as Agreed Surveyor,
  • Preparation of a ‘Schedule of Condition’ to all relevant parts of the adjoining ones property,
  • Preparation, negotiating and agreeing Party Wall Awards,
  • Re-inspection following completion of works.

Party Wall Surveyors are legally obliged to act impartial and works as officers of the 1996 Act.

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