Party Wall Surveyors

We have experienced in-house surveyors who specialise in all party wall matters.

We offer a full range of party wall services, produce bespoke quotes on any project applicable to the Party Wall Act.

Typically extensions with excavations, loft conversion or internal alterations to a party will be notifiable under the Act.

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Our Party Wall Services:

  • Free and impartial advice on party wall matters.
  • Bespoke fee quotes.
  • Preparation and serving of all party wall notices
  • Acting as Building Owner party wall surveyor.
  • Acting as Adjoining Owner party wall surveyor.
  • Acting as Agreed Party Wall Surveyor.
  • Preparation of a ‘schedule of condition’ to all relevant parts of the Adjoining Owners property.
  • Preparation and serving party wall awards.
  • Re-inspection following completion of works.

What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall Act is legislation which provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes regarding specific works under the Act.  All disputes will be settled by a Party Wall Award rom the appointed Surveyor(s).

What is Party Wall Notice?

A Party Wall Notice is the first ‘official’ correspondence a Building Owner would serve on an Adjoining Owner(s). They will indicate the proposed works and what section applies under the Act.  The Notice would be served one or two months before the Building Owner intends to commence works.

Party Wall Surveyors are legally obliged to act impartially under the Party Wall Act.

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